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Animation jobs can be done both locally and remotely. Once you sign up for free on our site, you’ll have full access to various types of animation jobs, as well as animation job descriptions. If you see something you’re interested in, or would like to speak directly to the client, you may do so through the job postings. Here’s a step-by-step of how it works on Soply:

  1. Sign up and upload your portfolio (it’s free!)
  2. Get your portfolio published to see all animation jobs on our site
  3. Clients can either post jobs or search and book you directly
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The world of animation is very exciting, which means that if you are interested in bringing images to life, you are sure to have a very fun career. Animation job openings vary by the industry and type of animation needed. If you are looking for animation job listings, one of the best ways to go about it is to join a community of animators and clients who provide animation jobs. Join Soply and see our latest animation job opportunities.

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