Product Photography for Business: The Case of Frankly Juice

Product Photography for Business: The Case of Frankly Juice

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Alina from Soply Alina from Soply
Marketing Associate

Frankly Juice, a company based in Denmark, produces organic, seasonal and cold-pressed juices. They needed stunning product photography, so they reached out to Soply to help find a great product photographer who would both make their juice and fruits look fresh and yummy, while at the same time, provide a level of seriousness to present the brand and company in a professional way.

Frankly Juice Product Photography Final

At Frankly Juice, they quickly set their requirements in a brief, asking for 12 product photos, which included the likes of  8-16 “mood, food, veggie pictures”. They also added two photos of their products, and their company website, to give a clear impression of the image they wanted to communicate.
Product photography brief

Given the brand identity and requirements, Soply’s network of creative professionals promptly responded to this opportunity, and twelve photographers submitted quotes. Frankly Juice could then easily choose its favourite professional, based on the style of the submissions. Below, we give you a sample of the creative freelancers from which the company could choose.
Product photography/ photographer creative pitches

Frankly Juice chose to hire Rasmus Malmstrøm, a talented photographer living in Copenhagen. He’s been working within the Nordic food scene for the past three years, collaborating with names to the caliber of Noma and Mikkeller, therefore exhibiting another example of Soply’s focus on high-quality content. The entire shoot was completed in one day, and within the next 48 hours, all of the photos were edited. The final price for this job was 10.000 DKK (£1000/$1500/€1300).

Juice ingredients, product photography by Rasmus M.This is what Frankly Juice’s PR and Marketing Manager, Mathilde Ytzen Stausholm, had to say about the final result:

These images have been used in the launch of our new corporate identity. Among others they have been used on our new website and in the marketing material that we use on a daily basis. The images show who we are, what we represent, as well as the message that we wish to convey. All in all we are very happy with result.

minimalism product photography

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