Custom Content for Business. Case of Neeaconsulting

Great Custom Content for Businesses: The Case of NEEACONSULTING

Monday, October 3, 2016
Alina from Soply Alina from Soply
Marketing Associate

Soply’s talents have collaborated with Neeaconsulting, a small IT company located in Portugal. The company implements and develop advanced cloud technologies for businesses, including telecommunications. The business turned to Soply in order to get the best visual content to launch a new B2B product.

Sofia Chedas, who takes care of Communication and PR at Neeaconsulting, filled the brief through Soply’s website with the information listed above. What the company needed was a set of images and animated GIFS for a digital marketing campaign, to be delivered as soon as possible at the maximum cost of £ 500.00.


Within few moments, our global network of freelancers replied with five great quotes.

pjimage-32Among the variety of portfolios, the one of Nicolas Monterrat, a talented animator and digital artist from Paris, got the attention of Neeaconsulting, due to several animated GIFS displayed. To give an idea of Nicolas’ work, these are only a few of the GIFS, but you can find more in his Soply portfolio:



I was really impressed by the quality of the artists, which makes me think there is a choosing criteria. Besides, Soply offers a great customer service and everything is solved quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Soply to any company that values quality."

The deal has been closed for £425.33, including Soply’s 15% fee, with the fulfillment of the company’s terms. Nicolas has completed the project within a few days after he was hired for the job and used Soply’s “Delivery” function to transfer the final image to the client. Below, you can see a GIF, that Nicolas Monterrat created for Neeaconsulting.


Talking about company’s satisfaction, it would be hard to find more grateful words than those kindly used by Sofia Chedas to express the quality they perceived about Soply’s service and Nicolas, the professional freelancer picked to do the job:

“We were looking for a graphic designer capable of animating images for a small digital project. At first we had a different idea, but the work of Nicolas was so good we decided to do differently to make it stand. We are very pleased with the delivered work and we strongly recommend Nicolas for his wonderful and unique vision and art. Soply also made it possible to find such great artists and is an excellent platform that allows to give visibility to professionals who deserve our attention and investment.

Once again, content by Soply is the delightful solution for businesses who need to produce a variety of engaging custom content by a professional at a price they set. Our talented freelancers all over the world are always ready to help you in your efforts of creating engaging visual content. Just post your job on Soply, receive quotes and select the professional freelancer matching your needs.