User Guide – How It Works for Creative Freelancers
How Soply Works

User Guide – How It Works for Creative Freelancers

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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What We Believe In…

Soply is on a mission is to enhance the process involved in finding, booking, and processing creative freelance jobs. The company is a marketplace platform with a focus on matching freelance job opportunities to photographers, videographers, animators, illustrators, and designers all around the world. We do our absolute best to deliver the latest creative talent, as well as act as a source of artistic inspiration. That also means that we do not post any free jobs on our site; the work of a creative freelancer is valuable, and therefore deserves to be paid for. Our platform is continually building, made alongside the suggestions and feedback of both Creative Freelancers and Buyers. The main skills involved on our site are photography, videography, illustration, animation, and design. Although there is a great variety of jobs involved on our site, we ensure a seamless search and booking process, and therefore optimize the communication between both Buyers and Creative Freelancers. Learn more about the benefits of Soply, and sign up on our site.

The Process…

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A Buyer will create a brief, including information about the work required from the Creative Freelancer. The details of the brief include: title, location, date, budget, and a description about the job.


The Buyer will then receive custom quoted prices, directly. The quotes will also include the Creative Freelancers’ portfolios, as well as custom portfolios catering specifically to the job (if the Freelancer chooses to do so). If the Freelancer has any questions about the job, and isn’t ready to submit a quoted price quite yet, they will then ask a Question, which may also be accessed via the brief.’


The Buyer can then choose the Freelancer who he/she likes the most to complete the job. The Freelancer may be booked via the platform, using Soply Secure Payment, or through the use of terms discussed between the Buyer and Freelancer.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!





how it works for creative freelancers

How to Tag Your Content to Increase Your Changes to Get Hired

1. Sign in to your portfolio

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 19.41.32

2. Upload new content. Click the green “Upload” button on your cover photo (note: you must have at least 25 pieces of media to have your portfolio Published):

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 16.23.55

3. Decide which skills/subskills the content belongs to. What are your main skills? Photography, videography, animation, illustration, and/or design? Select the core skills which exclusively belong to the content you are about to upload. Hint: This is best when you have a heap of content which has the same skill, but you can always individually change the core skills later on.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 19.06.43

4. Add subskills. Now that you’ve added your core skills, you can also add your subskills for the following upload content.  (Hint: If your subskills vary by image, they can also be changed later on. You can add/take away subskills to suit the individual image.)

If you press “Continue”, you will skip this step and automatically be taken to a page where you can tag each image individually.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 19.08.32

5. Tag keywords and a description belonging to each piece of content. Although optional, adding keywords and a description to your pieces of content will make them even more discoverable. Also, it will improve the accuracy of our search function when clients are looking for specific things within an image i.e. a child playing, a holographic animation, a certain event, etc. You can also describe your content with information such as where the image was taken, what is in it, the colors, style, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 19.11.25

6. Set a default cover image for each subskill. You now have the option of customising your cover images for various search items. This is an excellent opportunity for you to show off the images you are most excited about when clients are searching through portfolios for particular skills/subskills. To set an image as a cover default, all you have to do is select the skill from the dropdown menu. (Note: setting an image for a certain default will override any previously set images you have set for the same default description.):

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 19.14.17


How to Get Hired

If you have photography, videography, animation, illustration, and/or design skills, and want to find freelance work, Soply is here to help! We provide Creative Freelancers with paid jobs, while also overseeing the search, hire, and payment processes. There are two methods to get hired on our site:

  1. Clients may search through our Freelancers and select ones to receive their specific quote for the job.


2. Clients may post a job, then we notify all of our Freelancers about the job, who can then submit quotes.


For both hiring methods, clients will submit a job request, and receive your custom quotes. See how the Quote submission process works below.



How to Submit a Quote

So now you’ve signed up, you’ve received a notification about a job, and you’re very interested in applying! The next step is to get in contact with the Buyer. Click on the job’s link, in order to submit a quote. For each quote, you can add your suggested price, as well as a description (i.e. your experience, why you are suited for the job, any variances in the cost, any other information you find valuable for the job, etc.). You may also add custom content, specific for the job; for example, if it’s a wedding, you can attach an array of wedding photos which you may not already have in your existing profile. If you need more information, you can ask a Question (see below). See a step-by-step guide about submitting Quotes and asking Questions here.

This is the Briefs page. All job postings will be listed like this:

animation job

Once you click on a job, you’ll be taken to a page where you can submit your quote!


If you submit any personal contact details through the platform, whether it be in the Question or Quote, you will be contacted by our Team and will be required to sign and submit a Soply Agreement. Failing to do so may result in Soply blocking you from the use of our platform. Read our Terms for more information.



How to Ask a Question

If you need more information before you commit to the job, you can still submit a quote with the budget “TBD”. From there, you’ll be in direct contact with the client, and can ask any questions you want before submitting your quote for the job. This is the best way to open up communication with Buyers.
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Once you ask a Question/ submit a Quote, the Buyer will reply, and it will appear in a conversation format.

Receiving Notifications

All notifications about new jobs will be received via the email you gave us upon signing up. The subject title will be the name of the job, so make sure and add Soply to your contact list so you receive all the jobs offers as soon as possible!
user guide creative freelancers

After you submit a Quote, you can always log back in and see your submission. It’ll look like this:

Pitch bees

How to Get Direct Contact

Once you have submitted a brief, a Buyer can choose to get your direct contact details, and therefore allowing you to speak outside of the platform. If the Buyer chooses to do so, they will receive the phone number and direct email you used when signing up on Soply. It’s important to always keep your information up-to-date, so that the Buyer can more easily discuss the details of the job with you. You may also send your contact details directly in a Quote or Question.



Booking a Job Through Soply

Booking a job through Soply is easy. The Buyer will choose to “Book Creative” on the site, and you will receive an email with the subject “Congratulations, you’ve been chosen for a brief!”, telling you that the Buyer has booked you. If you are not already in direct contact with the Buyer, you will have access to call/ directly email the Buyer now. At this stage, it is up to you and the Buyer to discuss the details of the job (i.e. a time and place to be on-location, deadlines, ways of transferring material, etc.). If you have not already done so, this is the time to finalize all requirements of the job.

Soply Secure Payment

If this is your first job through Soply, a member of our Accounting Team will contact you upon booking, and support you while you set up a Stripe account free of charge. This is the chosen payment processing software used by Soply. Once your Stripe account is setup, you can then receive your payment. However, if you have already completed a job through Soply, this process should already be completed.

Once the Buyer has booked you, you will receive an initial 35% deposit for the job. This is also the time that Soply takes out the 15% fee. You will receive the remaining amount once the job is completed and all media is transferred to the Buyer. The money will be transferred directly to your bank account, through Stripe. The payment is securely processed through our site, with our team overseeing the transaction. Any issues with the payment may be discussed with our team at, and we will address it as soon as possible.




Once the job has been completed and you are ready to transfer all your work to the client, you may choose to do so digitally through our platform. If you choose to submit your photos/videos/etc. through our site, it will then appear under the Delivery tab on the client’s Brief page.

Alternative Booking

If you do not choose to book through the Soply Secure Payment process, you may also handle all booking and payment details on your own. If this is the case, then you are contractually bound to confirm the final quote amount and invoice details with Soply at, so that Soply may oversee the process in the best interest of you and the Buyer. Once payment has been processed, all details are strictly between you and the Buyer, releasing Soply from any liabilities involved in the job.